Friday, May 1, 2009


After the excitement of days 0 and 1, Friday (day 2) was tranquility itself. No visitors, no lactation consultants, no frustrating hours on the boob, just chillin' with the parents.

Milestones today were few. Black, tarry meconium poops gave way to green, slimy formula ones. Dad, a.k.a. Chief Diaper Technician, appreciates not needing a chisel and sandpaper to get the dirty diaper off.

I passed my car seat test. Evidently the nurses have not received the memo that I am underweight and require fattening up, as they believe unanimously that I am going home today. I'm not, but when I do I'm totally making Dad let me drive.

Between feeding and pumping sessions, we watched Baby's First Movie: Blazing Saddles. By coincidence, this is also the movie Mom and Dad saw on their first date, twenty-one hundred years ago.

Finally, Mom and Dad got to sleep before 5:00 am, and for more than 4 hours total, for the first time since I was born. I'll let them enjoy that for now, but they shouldn't count on it.
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