Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Passport Photos Redux

I'm ready for my cameo on Hollywood Squares now!

Since I'm already an expat, I need a passport, which means I need a picture. Mom and Dad are pros at this after taking Sadie's passport photo. Mom picked a cloudy day (plenty of those in Munich this time of year) and laid me on the floor near a window ("no distracting shadows on the face or background"). First she put a white sheet ("plain white or off-white background") under me, but that was too wrinkly. Then a white piece of felt, but that also wasn't smooth enough. Finally a pad of Sadie's drawing paper did the trick.

Even though I was lying on my back ("nothing used to support the baby may appear") and I'm not old enough to smile ("encourage subject to have a natural expression"), I could still look off to the side ("full face, front view, eyes open"). But 28 shots later, we have some good candidates. The two in the bottom right corner of the mosaic above are our best choices; stay tuned for a report on whether one of them is accepted.

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