Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Hope I Pass

At the neurosurgeon's office today, Mom, Dad, and the anesthesiologist decided my lingering cough doesn't earn me a stay of my spinal rearrangement. We're precariously balanced between waiting until I'm 110% healthy and not waiting until I catch something else. Sigh, I'll have to learn to fake better.

Before they cut me open and let my blood leak out, they want to test what's in me now. I can't say I enjoyed the blood draw much. I didn't even get a Dora the Explorer bandage. I snuck a look at Mom's arm afterward, though, and I'm pretty sure my veins are bigger than hers.

Surprisingly, although I pee way more often than I bleed, collecting a urine sample is turning out to be much harder. I'll skip the details and just say that we'll try again tomorrow.

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