Monday, March 29, 2010

The flight that never ends

This is the flight that never ends.
Yes, it goes on and on, my friends.
When first the plane took off
I thought that this would be a lark,
But then my folks both fell asleep
And left me in the dark

Upon the flight that never ends:
The flight attendants are my friends.
All kinds of snacks and toys
They will present me with a smile,
And that will keep me happy
For about another mile.

And then my little heart, it rends,
Because this flight, it never ends;
And there are sixteen other babies
Who are all awake as I
That all curse Wilbur and Orville
When they cry, cry, cry!

But it's the flight that never ends,
For as our route to Munich wends,
It seems we've been forever winging,
Yet I'm still stuck in this plane:
So I will pass the time by singing.
Won't you join in this refrain...

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